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Created on 2011-12-21 07:27:39 (#1152173), last updated 2011-12-27 (303 weeks ago)

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Name:Mirror Posting Community for LJ's Runaway Tales
Website:Runaway Tales on LJ
Posting Access:All Members
This community is a mirror posting community for [ profile] runaway_tales. All challenges are there; all rules are there. This is just for posting the fic here on Dreamwidth. To be absolutely clear, this is not intended to take the place of [ profile] runaway_tales or any community the maintainers there may decide to create on Dreamwidth; it is in place to avoid the blinding comment pages LJ has put in place.

In case LiveJournal is down and you cannot access the [ profile] runaway_tales profile, there is a backup list of all challenge flavors here. To my knowledge, there is no such backup list of toppings or extras, and so you'll have to work off memory, as I'm not taking any information out of the [ profile] runaway_tales profile, just linking where I can.

The community's default security setting is public. Should you wish to make your entries members-only, feel absolutely free to do so, but you will need to manually instead of depending on your default setting for your own journal (as Dreamwidth does not apply your default journal post setting to your community posts automatically).

As to tags, members can currently add them. However, members cannot edit tags, so if there is an error, please let me know, and I'll fix it as soon as I can. Please do not tag as is done in RATS. Instead, in order to take advantage of Dreamwidth's multilevel tag system, we are using colons. For instance, "author: your chosen name". Carry this on through all tags, please.

Dreamwidth has a guide to site-allowable HTML here. Dreamwidth-specific markup can be found here.
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